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Dolphins - Seashells - Starfish Theme Decor - dolphin bedding
Shell Craft
Step-by-step instructions show how to create decorative boxes, mirror frames, and fanciful soap dishes; fashion attractive bracelets, pendants, necklaces,
and earrings; encase shells in resin to make paperweights and
napkin holders; do shell printing with crayons and linoleum
blocks and much more.

Decorating with Seashells
Combines shell craft ideas with interior design themes using
nature. More than 25 romantic ideas for seashell projects. Paint
shell-covered sweetheart boxes, make shell wind chimes, angel
shell wings, pictures framed in shells, drawer pulls, candles,
colorful flowerpots, and more! Create beautiful original
decorations, home accents, and gifts.

Seashells Iron-on Transfer Patterns
Over 100 reusable transfer patterns featuring nature’s most exotic
and beautiful seashells—the green turban, lightning whelk, sand dollar and queen conch among them—whose extraordinary shapes and markings make them ideal subjects for needlecraft and other  crafts projects. With easy-to-follow instructions.

Florida's Fabulous Seashells: And Other Seashore Life
The book is packed full of information and the pictures are beautiful! Find out why left-handed shells are an oddity, how to make coquina broth, why you hear the
sea when you put a shell to your ear and other tidbits. Includes "Other Seashore Life," so browsers discover the varieties of crabs, hard-tube worms, sea anemones, sea slugs, starfish and sea beans. It even discusses sharks teeth, fossil shells and different colored beach sands. Great book for beach trips for adults and  children collecting sea shells, this book makes a good  guide for the casual (but enthusiastic!) beach comber,
Every Walls of the Wild creation is a work of art. The animals are painted on canvas. Each sticker is carefully cut out to create a delightful image on your walls, appearing to be painted right in your room - sea theme bedroom - sea theme bathroom - Bathroom with a Seashell Theme
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Bedrooms & Bathrooms
Bedrooms & Bathrooms
Bedrooms & Bathrooms
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Deep Blue Adventure kit Decorating Props
Deep Blue Adventure kit
Decorating Props
Lots more decorating ideas and theme decor for this style can be found in these theme bedrooms
Be inspired to decorate using unique seashell decor for a vibrant and dramatic visual effect to capture the spirit of the seashore in your home..
Shells come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, and they seem to hold the compelling mysteries of the sea - as well as the key to beautiful original decorations -whether you decorate your bedroom, bathroom, or the entire house.
Even if you create a luscious tropical beach style bedroom  for adults and teens, or a cool underwater world retreat for kids, from baby, toddler, even big kids - both themes can still be decorated or accented with beautiful seashells.
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Enhance your decor with a statuary table of incomparable artistry! Lovingly sculpted column base perfectly captures a dolphin pair's light-hearted joy and exuberant grace as they play amongst the foaming waves. Flowing lines and intricate details combine to create a stunning work of functional art!
Shell Chic - The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Home With Seashells
marvelously creative ways to use the fruits of the sea in and outside the home. Whether you like making things with shells or just love the beach, you'll be inspired. From eye-catching table centerpieces to dazzling furniture enhancement, the text describes the practical methods for decorating with shells. This decorating book provides inspiration whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or merely an admirer of shelled creations.

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Here you will find home decor accents to help you achieve your themed style ...  novelty furniture, unique lighting, murals, stickups, bathroom accessories, DIY books to create elaborate shell decorated decor, and other seashell and dolphin theme home accents.
refreshing nautical theme bedding ensemble in cool ocean tones, the Ocean Wave bedding collection by C&F Bedding features gentle blues, sea greens, and muted greys in a beautiful matelasse quilt stripe pattern. The Ocean Waves bedding collection's quilts
Dolphin shaped Chenille Rug
features an artistic dolphin scene on a tinted glass shade.
Clear glass construction with shells inside
Caribe Starfish Knob-novelty decorations beachy seashore theme bedrooms
Caribe Conch Shell Knob beach seashore theme bedroom furniture decorations
Caribe Scallop Shell Knob  seashell beach theme bedroom furniture decorating ideas
Shell Jewelry Box Interesting shell details with a lot of color. Natural shells make this unique box a treasure for any setting.
Dolphin Shaped Ceramic Cabinet Drawer Pull Knob
Shell Two Door Cabinet - Stunning shells create a focal point on this cabinet, decorating each door with ocean-tossed sensibilities. White-washed panels make up each side as if they had blanched in the sunshine over the years. This cabinet celebrates all things oceanic. It's perfect for a beach house or a lover of the sea's beauty.
Round Bubble Seashell Wall Mirror
Santa Catalina Sea Shells Bedding
Glass Bottles with Shells
seashells Nautical Fishing Net With Starfish and Floats New Netting
Decorate your netting with  fish and  sea shells to create a nautical display for your wall

A great gift for anyone who owns a boat or loves the sea!!!!!
Inspired by gifts from the sea, this Square Seashell Lifetime Oil Candle is a beautiful coastal accent for any desktop or tabletop. This refillable glass candle arrives with smokeless and odorless liquid paraffin for clean burning. Its lifetime fiberglass wick never needs replacing. Decorative seaweed, seashells and starfish will not fade.
Assorted Seashells decorations
Display shells in glassware, hot glue to furniture, lamps, picture frames
or just scatter around a table lamp
Decorate with treasures of the deep
Dolphins - Seashells - Starfish Theme Decor

creates a Calm coastal look in your bedroom. The embroidered starfish and seashell motifs enhance the coastal look for a casual update.
Harbor House Seaside 4 Piece Coverlet Set
Blue Wave Starfish on Beach Sand Scene Water Sea Summer Ocean Decorative Bedding
Coral Teal, Seashell – 6 Piece Bedding Quilt Coverlets
Seashell Beach Bedding
Decorate with unique lamps and lighting fixtures
Conch Shell, Wall Sconce, Bisque
Nautilus Wall Sconce
White Shelly 1 Light Wall Sconce
Decorate bedrooms and playrooms with fun murals, novelty furniture, and accent with plush sea creatures
Visit  Stuffed Animals
for a
variety of plush toys, browse their Marine Animals and By the Sea section.
Exotic Shell! Faceted clear crystal open clam Shell with crystal pearl.
Dolphin clock mirror
dolphin wall mirrors
dolphin bedding ocean bedroom decorating
dolphin bedding underwater bedrooms
Turquoise Blue Ceramic Nautilus Shell Vase