Fish and Sea Life Cut & Use Stencils
62 full-size eye-catching stencils include wide variety of sea life stencils - fanciful fish to dancing seaweed to whimsical seahorses, mermaid and Neptune. Everything you need to turn any surface into a seascape.

Sea Life Laser-Cut Plastic Stencils
Add a marine note to walls, furniture, lockers, signs, posters - any flat surface. 15 sturdy, reusable stencils.

Ocean Paper Chains: 13 Pre-Cut Ocean Stencils
Perfect designs to go along with the animal shapes.  If renting, this is an option for the walls, stick them up with blu tack.

So get creatvie with the walls and ceiling with paint, wallpaper murals, stencils and life size stickups

clouds, sun, rainbow to the ceiling, waves and fish on the walls.

Create the look and feel of the ocean floor and scatter novelty fish pillows around the room, hang plush sea animals from the ceiling.

Scatter a few different colored Ultra Shag Rugs  around the bedroom floor for a colorful coral sea bed.

Make seaweed window treatments, hang dangling door beads, string novelty lighting,
bubbles, decorate furniture with seashells and sparkly jewels.

Dress the bed with a unique sea themed canopy. The bedding can be solid primary brights, pastels, stripes, swirls, or character and fish themed.

Accent with fun novelty ocean theme decorations.

Decorate a pirates treasure chest with faux jewels.

Accent walls with fun and colorful swimming fish shaped mirrors. Drape a fish net over a wall accented with sea shells and fish decorations.

Bring a little fishy fun to furniture with fish shaped drawer pulls and knobs.

Life size Stickups - Every Walls of the Wild creation is a work of art. Each sticker is carefully cut out to create a delightful image on your walls, appearing to be painted right in your room - underwater bedroom decorating children's underwater room ideas - sea theme bedroom
There's  somethin'  fishy around here for kids - teens,  boys and girls  and even  the big kids  bedrooms and bathrooms
There's  somethin'  fishy around here for kids - teens,  boys and girls  and even  the big kids  bedrooms and bathrooms
Fish bowl friends-all the fun, without the food. Aquatic acrobats swim around so long you'll think they're ready for the Fish-lympics. The perfect pet, no feeding, no maintenance, no training, no cleaning, nothing but happy swimming fish
Life size Stickups variety of  Fish & Coral 
 Treasure Chest to Store the Pirate Loot! Keep your buried treasure safe with one of our pirate treasure chests. Treasure chests like these make great stage props, gift boxes, pirate party favors and pirate decorations. Treasure Chest is 19 1/2" long, 13 1/2" wide and 14" tall. Made of plastic. Holds 7,200 of item number 209 030 gold coins. Complete you pirate party with pirate's buried treasure, and keep it safe with a pirate's treasure chest! No pirate would sail the seven seas without the perfect pirate treasure chest so neither should you! And don't forget to check out our stunning pirate party favors, supplies and decorations.
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The Magic School Bus On The Ocean Floor
An unusual science teacher takes students from the classroom into the ocean - physically. The school bus she drives plunges into the water and transforms, as needed, from bus into submarine, submersible, and surfboard so that her class can reach and explore every part of the ocean. The expedition starts at the continental shelf and moves through continental slope, ocean floor, deep-sea vents and a fringing coral reef. On their way, they children find themselves magically equipped with diving suits and they can now study plants, ocean water, animals and their habitats.

Underwater Photography Masterclass
learn all you need to know to explore the amazing creatures and landscapes that exist underwater. From information about diving equipment and cameras, to crucial advice on understanding and controlling light underwater, this book provides all the background you need before you take the plunge. Topics covered include wide-angle light, macro lighting, ambient light and macro techniques. With the benefit of 30 years of experience taking underwater photographs

Ocean Anatomy: Curious Parts & Pieces of the World under the Sea
take a deep dive into the wonders of the sea with Ocean Anatomy. Follow Rothman’s inquisitive mind and engaging artwork along shorelines, across the open ocean, and below the waves to explore the hows and whys of the watery universe, from how the world’s oceans formed to why the sea is salty. Oceanic phenomena such as rogue waves, anatomical profiles of sea creatures from crustacean to cetacean, surveys of seafaring vessels and lighthouses, and the impact of plastic and warming water temperatures are just part of this compendium of curiosities that will entertain and educate readers of all ages.

Life-Size Sharks and Other Underwater Creatures
What lives beneath the waves?  - exciting and unique exploration of oceans, rivers, and lakes. Life-size, fold-out pictures bring you face to face with such extraordinary beasts as the deadly, black banded sea krait and carry you into a great white shark's "jaws of death." Visit the thriving coral reefs where bright and beautiful fish swim amid lush
Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Lots more decorating ideas and theme decor for this style can be found in these theme bedrooms
Create a fun watery world with bright and colorful coral reefs, lush plants and an array of beautiful marine life. Dive into your deep blue sea and swim with the fish in your ocean themed bedroom, this tranquil paradise setting is sure to entice a sea of dreams.

This cool under the sea theme is suitable for children of all ages, from baby to teens, adults, girls bedrooms and boys bedrooms, and especially the bathroom.

There are so many variations for the underwater ocean  theme -

treasure chest  at the bottom of the sea for the boys bedrooms,

mermaid princess castle for the girls bedrooms,

Tropical islandseaside cottage, or  surfing beach for teen girls,

Sponge Bob, Nemo, happy fish
dolphins and whales for the baby toddler,

ferocious sharks for the big boys

Put all this together creatively in one room, and you have the
ultimate under the sea fantasy adventure.

Display colorful  Prints and Posters  of the ocean and its sea life. Paint picture frames to co-ordinate with the room and decorate with sparkles, glitter, shells, fish.

Novelty accent lighting, there is a variety of fun ocean theme  lampshades and underwater themed lamps.

Add a little extra splash to the ocean bedroom floor with fun fish and ocean themed rugs and lots of soft plush sealife toys.

Also a fish tank with real fish to complete the ocean themed bedroom.

The Sponge Bob Deluxe Toddler Sofa, Chair and Ottoman Set is the right choice for fans of this wacky undersea creature
Your adorable pals from Nickelodeon frolic through these pre-pasted wall accents. Bright and colorful, these giant Wall Murals allow you to highlight your kid's space. Bring home all these Nickelodeon Wall Accents to help decorate your kid's room. Coordinated murals, head board appliqués, Growth charts and borders. Toddler Bed: SpongeBob and friends themed toddler bed with two removable bed rails and a steel frame for extra support (perfect transitional bed from crib)
Accent with fun Sponge Bob furniture for a colorful playroom. Dress up the cupboard doors and drawers with Sponge Bob Drawer Pulls.

A Sponge Bob canopy surrounding a loft bed will create the feeling of being under the sea.

Bring everyone's favorite spongy friend to your wall with this giant SpongeBob Squarepants wall sticker. At 30 inches tall, this decal is perfect for the bedrooms of boys, girls, and Spongebob fans of any age.
Fun additions to your child's bedroom or playroom, SpongeBob SquarePants Cuddle Pillow  that looks just like SpongeBob coupled with SpongeBob Pineapple Throw Pillow
Hang your mounted fish and your extra lures or sea shells on it and make a great nautical display on your wall. Mom hang four corners on ceiling and put all the kid's balls or stuffed animals in it . Nice in a child's room as well. A great gift for anyone who owns a boat or loves the sea!!!!!
Jellyfish Hideaway 

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variety of ocean wall murals and mermaid wall murals
at magic murals
Finding Nemo wall decals-Finding Nemo wall decals
Decal Stickers Scuba Divers. Your child who loves fish will have a very peaceful night's sleep in this adorable Pacific bedding set. Chose from a variety of fabrics to design a perfect bedding for your child.
Sponge Bob and Patrick having fun under the sea,  must for any Sponge Bob fan.
Spongebob Squarepants Cuddle Pal Pillows
ocean themed wall  murals
at Magic murals
Sponge Bob
is still a big favorite with the younger kids.

Combine a little from under the sea theme and mix it up with fun Sponge Bob character bedroom decorations, to create your own unique ocean themed room.

Walls can be painted or stenciled to look like the ocean. There are bright and colorful  giant Sponge Bob wall murals and decal stickers available also for added life for the bedroom walls.

Sponge Bob
is still a big favorite with the younger kids.

Underwater Coral and Starfish  Indoor Outdoor Hand Hooked Area Rug
underwater mural ocean fish bedding
Underwater Ruins wallpaper mural at
Magic Murals
ocean fish bedding underwater mural
Dancing in the Sea mural
at magic murals
Ocean Park Duvet Cover Set Under the Sea Wall Deca
Ocean Wall Stickers for Under The Sea Theme Wall Mural for Kids Room
Ocean Canopy Tent  -  Canopy Tents. Makes storytime twice as fun! Hang them in corners of the room to create fun reading centers for your class. Made of quality ripstop nylon. Includes dangling plush animals.  -  underwater bedroom decor
Jellyfish Plush Toys
Submarine Decor Underwater Theme Duvet Set
Yellow Submarine wall mural
ocean themed wall posters fish posters ocean animals whales sharks posters

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