Walls take up the most visual space in a room, so lets bring them to life and create a visual fantasy.

There is a number of different ways to go,
paint, paint, paint and  stencils, murals, wall decal stickers, fabrics, paneling, molding ...  and color!!
Creative Color Combinations
Great book on color harmony and  how to apply color to your projects
Color for Your Home
colors and how to work with various colors, patterns and fabrics, written in layman's terms
Natural Palettes for Painted Rooms
colors inspired by nature and how they work on the interior walls
Color Healing Home
book focuses on individual colors and how their use in a home can create different moods. 
Decorating Ideas for
  Color Decorating Ideas  -
Once upon a time ..... there were dull boring walls.....
Color Scheme  ideas
Color Scheme  ideas
Color Scheme  ideas

Primary colors are red, yellow, blue.

Secondary colors are orange, purple and green - these are composed of equal parts of the primary colors. Orange is made up of equal parts of yellow and red;
Purple is made from equal parts of red and blue; Green results from equal parts of blue and yellow.

Tertiary colors  yellow-orange   red-orange   red-purple   blue-purple,
blue-green  and  yellow-green - these colors are created by mixing equal parts of a primary color and its closest  secondary color.

Their home furnishing names put in decorative terms: yellow-orange becomes an apricot hue, red-orange becomes a terra cotta when darked with grey, red-purple becomes a mulberry in a dark tone or dusty rose in a light tint, blue-purple becomes a lavender with the addition of white, blue-green becomes turquoise or a teal hue, and yellow-green becomes a chartreuse.

Wood tones are generally composed of orange hues to which either grey or black have been added. Since most rooms include wood tones, in furniture, flooring or molding, you should include them as you develop your scheme.

Neutral colors include greys, whites, browns and black

Draw inspiration from things you like -
select a theme that inspires a color scheme.

Such as the colors of a
rainbow, nautical colors, flower beds, kites, cartoon  or  movie themes, prints and posters, crayon colors  or a bed linen design or fabric motif.

Vary textures to create more color
excitement ......

A blue may be boring all in one texture but can be enriched when used in high sheen window blinds, a matte finish on walls, corduroy fabrics on beds and a plush throw to take hard edges off a chair.

Be creative with paint.
Use different hues on different walls.

Six basic colors of the color wheel - purple, blue, red, green, orange, yellow
Neutral colors include greys, whites, browns and black
Complementary colors - colors found directly opposite each other on the color wheel red-green, orange-blue, purple-yellow
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Now go and color your world!
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How to paint a room

Prepare - prime - base coat - painted finish - top coat

- always work from the top down - paint and finish ceiling first

- repair and sand all surfaces to be painted - ceiling, walls,
  trim, doors and floor.

- prime all areas that have been repaired and any raw surface -
  wood or drywall.

- paint base coats and painted effect on walls

- paint trim and doors when walls are completely dry

- paint or stain the floor last.
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Monochromatic color schemes are the easiest to develop, since only one color is used and variations are created with accents by adding texture, patterns and shapes.

Restful monochromatic schemes include totally pink rooms, totally blue rooms or totally neutral rooms.

Related color schemes - side by side neighbors on the color wheel. Another easy combination to achieve.

For a cool combination, you might choose a pale blue  and a seafoam blue-green and forest green for accent  colors.
A popular combination for a
little girls room is a blended mixture of fuschia, violet and blueberry.

Triadic color schemes - often used with traditional furnishings, such as a patriotic scheme of red, white and blue with brass or gold accents.
Countless nurseries are decorated with pink, blue and yellow..
Toddler bedrooms  with primary red, blue and yellow.

Contrasting Schemes - achieve this by using one color and accenting it with its exact opposite on the color wheel. Variations in tint and hue will bring this scheme to life.

Complimentary Color combinations
Lemon and Lime with a punch of white or black will bring the room together

Blue and Yellow will work for a celestial theme bedroom or a
country cottage  style room

Red and Orange Jewel tones look great in an exotic  and
bohemian style bedrooms

Warm colors
are inviting, reds, oranges and sunny yellows are in the warm group.

Cool colors
are soothing and restful - blues, greens and neutrals are all cool colors.

Quick tricks with color schemes

Small Rooms: seem larger by selecting a cool, neutral color scheme. Keep the wall colors a lighter tint than that which you finally want. Include low light colored furniture to create the illusion of more space.

Use mirrors in childrens rooms to make them appear larger. Mirrors also can be used to create the impression of a window in an area that has none - dress the mirror with curtains!

Dark Rooms:  Use warm, pale colors, such as yellow and pink to brighten rooms. Position mirrors to reflect as much light as possible. 
Cover the
windows with simple sheer panels.

Overly large rooms: Make a big room seem cozier with warm, rich tones. Bold and or large print wallpaper  - murals - wall decal stickers.

Dark colored ceiling appears lower, also visually drop the ceiling by bringing the ceiling color down on the side walls or by adding a visual border at plate rail height, in addition to chair height.

Light colored ceiling appears higher.

Vertical lines have a heightening effect
Horizontal lines make the room seem wider.

Combine Colors into schemes

Love Color: Choosing colors to live with
Choosing colors for your home can become an overwhelming and confusing process - there is just so much on offer. Love Color will help you to bring your favorite colors to life by successfully making all those challenging decisions
Choose Your Colors, Change Your Life
Understand how you relate to your, your kids, siblings, parents - shop for your home, select colors that project the real you
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Color Healing Home: Improve Your Well-Being and Your Home Using Color Therapy
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Love Color  Choosing colors to live with decorating with color home decorating
Decorating Ideas for
Know your colors


Black and white décor is at once dramatic and understated, modern and classic

Zebra stripes, old Hollywood  movies  - black-and-white photography.

White, black and gray in all their infinite shades and variations, can make for the most captivating interiors.

Monochrome Home: Elegant Interiors in Black & White


The crispness of a white room, whether in a sunny bedroom, an elegant living room, or a cheery kitchen, never fails to be inviting.

Create distinctive rooms decorated and complemented with the many hues and contrasts of white.

Whether your taste runs to white and creams, white and taupe, or white and pinks.
Styles created or enhanced by the color white -- Traditional,
Rustic Countrybreezy BeachRomantic  and  Modern

White is the color of  angels  and  brides,  moonlight and lily of the valley. It is capable of endless subtleties; fragile or strong, it can be transparent as ice, opaque as marble, in love with light as a diamond.

White is the color for all seasons, and it never goes out of style.

Rest your tired soul in a cool summer  beach  room, revel in the sumptuousness of an orange-white living room steeped in  autumn  elegance, or welcome winter  with a classic gold-and-white  Christmas  Angels.

White furnishings and home accessories have many contrasts and hues, but their net effect is always one of fresh  romantic   elegance


It can be fresh and crisp; bold and saturated; dark and moody; or worn and faded.

Create a country vibe with gingham and floral patterns.


Embrace coastal living with nautical  stripes, a palette of Seashells  infused with the colors of sand and sea

Classic combination of blue and white - cobalt silk sofas, sapphire armchairs, aquamarine patterned ceramics, and indigo plush pillows.

Inviting Interiors: A Fresh Take on Beautiful Rooms
The elegant spaces featured in the book maintain an emphasis on simplicity and understated glamour, featuring a blend of clean lines, found and fine objects, and custom-designed, sculptural furniture. Divided by look, the book features multiple homes illustrating each style. "Calm" showcases cool, white interiors, accented by natural textures like wicker and bone. "Clarity" celebrates graphic, contrasting rooms filled with black and white. "Collected" revels in richer colors, accessorized with lush velvet, rich patterns, and metallic accents. "Color" celebrates the power of a palette-driven interior, from spring green, to pale pink, to midnight blue. "Cool" is driven by a funky 1970s vibe, with macramé chairs and Moroccan accents.

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Pick the perfect palette
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