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Jazz - Classical Opera
Disco Diva  -  Stage Musicals

music theme bedroom decorating ideas, Music Theme bedroom. music theme decor ideas
music theme bedroom, music theme decor ideas - I want to do a rock-themed bedroom
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Music themed bedroom decorating ideas - Music Theme Bedroom. Music Theme Decor Ideas
musical theme decorating ideas, musical theme bedroom decorating, musical theme decor
music decor music bedroom decor music bedroom decorating ideas
music theme bedroom, music theme decor ideas - BEDDING WITH MUSICAL NOTES
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Get creative with your
music themed bedrooms

Design a music loverís haven for the kids rooms, man cave and playrooms.

Create a fun room for your little drummer boy, piano lovin key master, guitar geek, pop princess and future rock star.

Step back in time and ...

Twist and shout  with Jukebox Rock n Roll style and for the Elvis fans, a jailhouse rock  bedroom would look great!

Or re-create the groovy hippie era with Woodstock vibes, peace love and loud music or boogie on down with a 70s style Disco Diva theme for the disco queens.

Rock star, jam session, Rap or DJ for the boys rooms decorated with a metal style
industrial edge.

For the teens, Brit Rock punk style, mix it up with a little extra
grunge, or class it up hipster style  for The Beatles fans.

Classical Opera, Jazz & Blues for the adults

For kids playrooms, incorporate a little of all music styles filled with kids musical instruments.

And for the Pop Princess girls bedroom, decorate with her fav singer or boy band.

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Music themed bedroom decorating ideas
Music themed bedroom decorating ideas
Bring the sounds of music to your walls with vintage vinyls, old  CD's - ol 45's - band album covers.

Hang framed pictures of pop stars - favourite band posters - famous composers  - sheet music -  concert banners.

Stencil musical notes or accent with music wall decal stickers.

Hang toy instruments  - inflatable music instruments - musicians instruments.

Paint a musical score border of your favorite song or hang a music themed wall mural. Paint a black and white piano keys border.

For added fun, create a stage for the entertainer.

Accent with fun music shaped pillows, music themed bedding.

Music is fun, so make the music theme bedrooms fun, creative and colorful.

Music theme  bedroom decorating ideas
Music Guitar Player  Rock Star wall decal musician wall decal stickers music wallpaper music mural
Musical notes wall decals Musical notes wall stickers Musical notes wall  decorations
Music themed bedroom decorating ideas
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