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Shared Bedrooms  -  Decorating Ideas for Baby Nursery shared space
Toddlers feel comfortable in a room
with a low bed,
small scaled chairs,
stuffed animals and colored accessories.

Keep toy shelves and, drawers within easy reach for little children.

Shared Bedroom Theme Ideas sharing with Baby

Mermaids, Whales water and lots of fish swimming will suit all ages

Celestial for the adults and Cow jumped over the Moon and Stars for baby

Angels in clouds for baby and Greek Toga style for the older child

Country Cottage for mum and a spring flower garden for baby

For the baby girl, Raggedy Ann folk art primitive country style with Americana  stars and stripes for the little baby boy

Retro 60s with stripes  for a boy and circles for a girl, or scooby doo for both

Medieval stone wall castle with a touch of Gothic for mum with knights for boy and fairytale princess for girl

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TUB CHANGING TABLE WITH PAD - The twelve clear tubs keep the diaper changing area neat and organized  - storage bedroom storage furniture - shared bedroom furniture
In the Nursery: Creative Quilts and Designer Touches
Whether one's preparing a nursery for a newborn or re-decorating
a toddler's domain, this remarkable sourcebook provides dozens of easy-to-do ways to build a safe, loving environment for baby around a favorite theme or inspiration. In the Nursery features designs for eight custom baby and children's rooms, from sweet pastels to bright and bold. Over 30 step-by-step projects, including a quilt for each room and other bedding designs; accessories such as a lampshade, a mobile, and a keepsake box; even a wooden picket fence headboard and painted floor cloth. Every area of baby's room is covered, from walls and floors to furniture and fabrics. Plus, it's not necessary to be an expert crafter. This fabulous guide features sewing as well as non-sewing projects that are all easy and fun to complete, as well as dozens of workable solutions for such everyday design problems as small rooms.

Decorative Paint Techniques & Ideas
decorative treatments for walls, ceilings, and floors. Handy tips for beginners and experts.Inspirational photos demonstrate effects of paint treatment on room character.Includes basic painting techniques plus new types of finishes.

Tips for Twins and Triplets

Transform a larger room in your house, such as the master bedroom or formal living room, into a nursery for two or three years.

If you have the space, include a  sofa bed or daybed  in your nursery, so an adult can sleep there when necessary.

When there are more than two babies, have at least two
changing tables.

Use every inch of closet storage by dividing and organizing it for each baby. You can leave closet doors off for easy access or replace doors
with easy-to-move fabric panels.

Add extra storage with
armoires, bookcases, trunks, and toy boxes  (the latter two with safety hinges). Think about using an unusual piece, such as a china cabinet or buffet, and painting it to match the rest of the room. Use wall-mounted safety anchors on tall pieces to prevent tipping.

Individualize each baby's space, perhaps with different sheets, toy displays, or

Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table  shared bedroom furniture
Create a special magical place for the both of you to enjoy

When planning a shared space for a baby, function is one of the primary aspects
of design. The baby needs a place to sleep, be changed, rocked and fed,
and don't forget storage for the babys needs, most of which you will want to keep within easy reach. You can treat the nursery areas as a continuation of the larger room, selecting furnishings that blend with the existing decor, or you can give
baby's area its own distinct character.

Essential Nursery Furnishings
Crib, Changing Table, Chest of Drawers, Comfortable chair or rocker, side table,
general lighting, Table lamp, Mobile.

Whether  the baby is sleeping in a lavish suite or cozily tucked into a
reconfigured corner of an existing room, the decor can be
whimsical, practical, ornate or historic.

Most of the time, nursery decor starts with the crib or cradle.
With the many options available, this piece of furniture can be chosen to work with the size of the room and blend  with other furnishings and the color scheme.

Walls, window treatments and bedding can sport identical designs,
complementary colors, or the same colors but different patterns. A solid backdrop can be jazzed up with a stenciled or wallpaper border or mural, or simply with the addition of hanging art.

An innovative and unique angle on changing tables! Allows you to change your infant with feet pointing towards you. Abundant storage space on either side of the changing area and below. Takes up only approximately 30" x 30" area in the corner. May be accessorized with nursery baskets. Can be used as a storage/book shelf or TV/media center when your child outgrows the changing table.
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twin baby bedroom decorating - shared  baby nursery decorating ideas - twin nursery decorating ideas - shared bedroom furniture
If children can't reach their belongings, they have to rely on adults to get what they need, or they may endanger themselves by trying to climb up and grab what they want.

Safe storage for baby and toddler:
open chests, plastic bins, low shelves, also
tiered baskets, suspended by a single chain
from the ceiling, are both attractive
and practical.

Another idea, built-in shelves under and
around windows can have a dramatic
framing effect.

Get creative with bookcases