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Shared Bedrooms            -    Ideas for Children Sharing Bedrooms    -

Shared Bedroom Theme Ideas for Boys sharing
Shared Bedroom Theme Ideas for Girls sharing
Shared Bedroom Theme Ideas for Girls and Boys sharing
Shared Bedroom Decorating and Theme Ideas for Baby

Decorating with Color
Shared Bedroom Decorating pictures blog 
Create the room kids want with the storage they need
Create the room kids want with the storage they need
Design unique bedrooms with creative paint techniques and color combinations that make kids say "wow!"

Children are taught to share at a young age, worthy a lesson as it may be, the average child still has difficulty when it comes to sharing with a brother or sister.

When you put two or more personalities together in very close quarters, you must balance each child's need for space and privacy.

Siblings tend to fluctuate between sweet harmony and guerrilla warfare, and at times need to be separated for a while. They also need occasional solitude, no matter how they feel about their brothers or sisters.
kid bedroom ideas - kids sharing bedrooms decorating ideas, Shared Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Storage solutions

Shared Bedroom Theme Ideas for Boys sharing
Shared Bedroom Theme Ideas for Girls sharing
Shared Bedroom Theme Ideas for Girls and Boys sharing
Shared Bedroom Decorating and Theme Ideas for Baby

Decorating with Color
Shared Bedroom Decorating pictures blog

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Durable, easy-to-clean laminated particleboard units are kid tough! All drawers have smooth-running nylon guides and safety stops. Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas
From Restore & Restyle Kids Sports collection. Pullout bins fold flat for storage when not in use
Contemporary Oak Collection is home to both the Hidden Bed and Murphy Bed. Packed with functionality features and conveniently tucked away in beautifully designed cabinetry, these multi - purpose Murphy Beds and complimentary pieces will allow more space for everyday living. With plenty of cabinet / bookcase designs in seven different finishes these will be sure to provide the flexibility to acquire to your personal look without costly remodeling androom additions.
There is no excuse for why you can't have accommodations for guests and personal activity space in the same room when you can have the Contemporary Oak Full Bed and Desk Hidden Bed. With the Hidden Bed, you get twice the use from the same space. Whether used as a home office, hobby center or play area, when it's time for the Full bed to be used, there's no need to move anything. Whatever you were occupied with will remain securely in place and stowed away as you open the bed in one easy motion. The desk remains perfectly horizontal and you can leave a full cup of coffee on the desk and it won't spill a drop! Save space and add lots of extra function in your home and buy a Contemporary Oak Full Bed and Desk Hidden Bed today!
you get twice the use from the same space. Whether used as a home office, hobby center or play area, when it's time for the bed to be used, there's no need to move anything.

The desk remains perfectly horizontal and you can leave a full cup of coffee on the desk and it won't spill a drop!

Save space and add lots of extra function in your home and buy a Contemporary Oak Twin Bed and Desk Hidden Bed today!

Save space and add lots of extra function in your home
Are you Looking for a solution to turn that small room into a functional space capable of accommodating a guest but also having room for more personal activity space? The Horizontal Twin Murphy Bed and Hutchis the perfect choice. With a unique approach to the traditional vertical Murphy Bed, you will find yourself transforming your room into something more functional and flexible, being able to achieve that desired look.
Storage Solutions
Storage Solutions
Bedroom decorating ideas for
kids sharing
their space
Bedroom decorating ideas for
kids sharing
their space
Bedroom decorating ideas for
kids sharing
their space
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space saver shared bedroom decorating ideas-sharing bedrooms
If sharing is the only option, clever planning and a little creativity will ease the pain. The two key problems are: how to provide privacy without cramping and how to clarify whose space belongs to whom.

Talk to your children and think of ways to make them a part of the design process.

Versatile, useful and good looking, the Bookcase Media Cubbies combine modern styling with high tech convenience. Of course it holds plenty of CD?s, DVD's and VHS Tapes, but it's also a perfect place to store knickknacks, collectibles and other importand kid's stuff. bookcases-storage-solutions-shared bedroom decorating ideas
Some molehills are mountains, and some mountains of shoes require more than the standard shoe rack. For the true shoe aficionado, or couples sharing closet space, this floor-to-ceiling Shoe Tree is the solution. An added accessory basket holds belts, socks and other personal accessories
This ClutterBuster cleverly turns unused space behind any hinged door into handy, functional storage area. Perfect for your bathroom, laundry room, mud room, garage, dorm room or wherever you need extra organizational space
Dual-purpose storage
dual purpose storage unit and bench seat. The exterior of this unit is woven with natural banana leaf. It has a strong inner wooden frame for strength and shape. It features two slide out drawers for storage. Each storage drawer is constructed from a strong wire frame and woven banana leaf. The bench seat features a padded seating cushion
The Imagine storage loft bed w/ ladder includes a multipurpose storage unit with a medium-sized drawer and an adjustable shelf hidden behind the door, two easy-to-access open storage spaces where you can keep books or toys, and a second medium-sized drawer perfect for storing toys or any kinds of items. This storage unit can be placed under the loft bed, at one of the two ends.
gentle and graceful charm of elegance and beauty flows from the Bearific collection from Build-A-Bear
Add both beauty and practicality to your bedroom, bunk bed, stairway chest and underbed storage drawers
There's plenty of storage, especially with the optional trundle drawers,, perfect for your kids bedroom.
 great unisex bunk bed for any age siblings, one that they will surely not grow out of anytime soon. As with other Maxtrix bed combinations, this bunk bed can be converted later into a low loft, high loft or just simply two twin beds. This rock solid bunk bed will put a smile on your children's faces for a long time.
this corner computer desk features gently curved chrome rails, an elevated monitor shelf for a comfortable viewing angle, and a lower shelf to store the CPU or other peripherals. For added convenience, the back features an open design, allowing for easy cord access.
Steffy 35" W Corner Computer Table
This corner computer center takes full advantage of unused corner space! The pull-out keyboard tray, two large lower storage cabinets, and disc storage below the monitor shelf add to the convenience of this unit.
corner computer centers  take full advantage of unused corner space!
Wooden Photo Frame Floor Screen
Floor Screens variety
So much more than a floor screen that separates off a section of a room, this wooden piece is a place for your memories. With room for showcasing over thirty photos, each double-sided picture frame swivels to display the moments that you want to cherish forever. Simple yet stunning, this floor screen makes a handsome addition to almost any room in the house.

Dividing up the space
List the needs of each child.
Sleeping, study, clothes storage,
toy storage, playspace, TV viewing, hobby area, computer equipment, wall decoration and involve the children in the planning. process.
Place headboards together, so the children are looking away from each other

Use a different color to identify each childs personal space

If both children like the same color... compromise - get creative - eg: blue circles on white background, and for the other child, white circles on blue background.

Separate space with
tall bookcases
Armoires and wardrobes placed back to back and staggered will create a room divider.

Kids room collection  may include beds, headboards, bedside tables, dressers, armories, bookcases, hutches, tables and chairs and framed mirrors.

Make a bed more than a bed
One of the easiest ways to add a little privacy for each child -
bed tents and canopies. Kids love places to hide, to pretend and daydream.

Bunk beds are classic space savers when doubling up kids in a room, and the children love the adventure of using a ladder. Bunk beds are fun, and if kids fight for the top, add an extra opportunity to learn to share - have them take turns!

loft bed makes optimum use of floor space. The sleeping area is on top, the storage and play or study area beneath.

Trundle beds  are another option for space saving. Be sure the trundle draws out smoothly, and that your child can handle it alone.

Captains Beds with its built in units stand a little higher than standards beds because of the storage.

If you use twin beds, place them lengthwise against walls.

Create a right angle with the bunks in one corner, that way you create a little alcove retreat or nook where you can arrange desk and storage units. Or if you have a long wall, place bunks end to end. Each bed is quite separate this way and you gain special play, work or storage space under the elevated bed.

Modular furniture offers great flexibility.
Unfinished furniture  offers good value.
Fantasy Theme furniture  offers unique style.
Used furniture offers a bargain!

Room Dividers
A room divider that can open and close as desired helps to keep peace in a shared bedroom. Few ideas: suspend folding doors or shutters. Hang a curtain divider or beaded curtains or lengthy roller shades from the ceiling.

Floor screens another option.

Add curtains  to the lower bunk, for a cozy private retreat or playing time.

Corner tables and corner study area furnishings

Storage Solutions

Children are born pack rats. Every nook, cranny, bin or shelf soon fills up with their personal treasures, new and worn out toys, oceans of books, papers and puzzle pieces, not to mention clothing. A helpful extra in a room shared by siblings is lockable personal storage.

Unique and clever storage ideas: bread box, good size mailbox, fishing tackle box, clear covered containers, shoe boxes, cutlery trays, underbed rolling drawers on casters. Other space savers include storage units that stack on the floor, attach to the wall or hang from hooks.
A clothes tree looks nice and offers a resting place for sports equipment, toys and tools, as well as clothes. Children of all ages enjoy hanging things on pegs.
Window seats that lift up. Clever
closet storage.

Create a Window seat reading nook: put bookshelves on either side of the window and add a storage seat or bed if the area is large enough, this makes a cozy inviting place to curl up and read or daydream and provides extra storage also.

Back of door storage
Turn the back of your childrens doors into storage areas for books, pencils, toys, hair accessories, with shelving or over the door shoe organizers
If you have paneled doors, make each panel a functional part of the room - bulletin board, chalkboard and a magnetic board.

Wall Storage
Keeping lightweight toys, books, games and other supplies on the wall frees up floor space. For the very young child, place shelves within reach. Shelving with adjustable brackets allows flexibility as the child grows.

Attach a
toy hammock to the walls to store dolls, stuffed animals, toys and clothing that are not likely to get easily entangled in the mesh.

Well constructed baskets are fairly indestructible, as well as versatile. Slide them under the bed for out of sight storage, sit them on a desk to keep art and school supplies in order. Hang a small basket on the back of the door for clothing storage, will help the little ones to pick up and put away.
Wicker hamper for toy storage, spray painted to match the color of the room.

Wall Decoration
Mount large wooden alphabet letters spelling out each childs name and hang above their bed. Hang Prints and Posters, Bulletin boards, Memory Boards.
Kites. Maps. Height charts.
Also decorate the walls with photos of childrens special occasions.
Get the kids to decorate their own picture frames to hang their prints or posters.

For a simple pretty touch, decoratively paint, sketch, glue or embroider the letters of your child's name on a suitable background, then frame your work and hang it on the wall. Another idea, hang a blown up photo of each child above their bed.

Painting, decorating and designing with color is easy, fun and satisfying

Create a fun wall mural for your childrens room, or add a decorative or novelty wallpaper mural or life size stick ups, or an easy DIY paint by number mural, all murals available in kits or ready to hang, in a variety of designs and themes, and accent furniture with fun designs using stencils and wall decal stickers.

fabric paint your Bedding or purchase bargain priced bedding, and decorate with stencils and stamps, or color and design your personalised bedding with your childrens names.

Novelty Pillows
Every bedroom needs at least one pillow. Your kids will hug them, stack them, toss them, cherish them..... for quick and easy play pillows....grab your needle and thread.
windsock pillows - fill them with shredded foam, stitch the opening, and walla ... quick and easy and beautiful bolster pillows or fun floor pillows. Or purchase bargain sale pillows, and embellish them with ribbons, bows, buttons, fringe, tassels, appliques, felt shapes .... the options are endless....all that is needed is a little creativity.

Window Treatments
Curtains  -  Blinds  -  Shades -  Shutters
Create custom shades with paint and stencils.

Wall fixtures  -  Clip on lights  -  Table Lamps  -  Floor Lamps  -  Night lights