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Decorate those dull and boring bedrooms with clever use of color, pattern and decorative accessories and  transform an area from uninteresting to absolutely spectacular from baby toddler to teenager.

Quite often the decorating theme for  the home revolves around one special piece of furniture, wallpaper border or a particular color. So there's no reason why it cannot be the same for a nursery or the childrens bedrooms.

Designing the ideal kids bedroom begins with storage, storage and more storage! Clothes, toys, books, art materials, dress-ups, sports equipment and board games all need separate storage facilities, and the more clearly they are defined, the greater chance there is that the child will make an attempt to return the items to the appropriate cupboard, shelf, drawer, toy box, window seat,  or trundle box which slides easily under the bed.

Kids need their own space, too, so if it is remotely possible try to incorporate a little retreat for your child within the room - a tent or a cubby house where he or she can fade into their fantasy world.  Lighting is another crucial element in a child's room. The ideal room would have a reading light by the bed, a lamp on the desk for close work and spot-lighting illuminating pictures, posters, or other wall decorations.

Children also need a full-length mirror. It helps them to acquire dress sense and is vital for developing their own awareness. If there isn't space on the wall, fix one to the inside of a wardrobe door or side of a cupboard.

Making of a Nursery  - nurseries should be a comfortable place for both mom and baby, keep in mind that baby will only be a baby for a few months. When it comes to decorating a baby's nursery, very often the final result is an eclectic mix of items. For practicality's sake, most people don't like to finalise the decorating scheme or make a strong "girl" or "boy" statement until the baby's arrival. Ideally the room should require few adjustments to be able to cope with a young toddler.

Younger children love bright colors and bold patterns.

All little
girls  dream of being a royal princess or fluttering fairy, and a sure way to their hearts is to create a bedroom which satisifies these romantic fantasies.  Girls love their  dolls and stuffed animals too, so add a  fun finishing touch to your child’s dollhouse or playhouse with mix and match wallpaper patterns to suit the themed bedroom.

boys  will love anything from sports, cars, to dinosaurs in a jungle. Get creative and decorate their bedroom walls with removable wallpaper mural accents and stick ups.

Teens  have their own sense of style, from funky to trendy designer, so let the young adults express it in their own way by creating their own style of contemporary modern, retro or wild animal private retreat. Accessories are also a good way to jazz up a room without making  major changes. Decorative pillows, lamps, photo frames, wall hangings, posters, all  can liven up and personalize a dull bedroom.

Last but not least, involve the children in the layout and decoration of their room. If they are comfortable in the space and proud of their involvement in its creation, chances are they will take that extra bit of care of keeping it tidy, (hmmmm!)

Happy Decorating, designing and creating of your new bedrooms.

Maries Manor Kids Theme Bedrooms.

Kids Theme bedrooms
Maries Manor
Kids Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Welcomes You

Come feast your eyes upon the many splendid and diverse theme bedroom decorating ideas on offer.....
All bedroom themes can be interchanged to suit any age and gender,
so get creative and start brain sto
and turn those ordinary rooms into extraordinary works of art
Come feast your eyes upon the many splendid and diverse theme bedroom decorating ideas on offer.....
All bedroom themes can be interchanged to suit any age and gender,
so get creative and start brain storming.
and turn those ordinary rooms into extraordinary works of art

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Kids Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas
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Theme Bedrooms are filled with decorating ideas, for  girls, boys, baby-toddler  nursery, teenagers  and adults, with an array of bedroom pictures, and a variety of decor accents, from paint by number murals, lifesize stick ups, theme bedding,
unique theme beds, furniture, rugs, window treatments, novelty lighting ..... everything you need to complete the fantasy escape for your newborn, toddler, young school-age, pre-teen and big kids.

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Shared Bedrooms Decorating ideas  section, with ideas for girls sharing, boys sharing, shared nursery, and  boys and girls sharing bedrooms, along with
color scheme decorating ideas to help you design their dream rooms
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